Our gallery is a small sampling of some of the images from 7 years in the Dominican Republic. We will add others from our collection as time goes by.

We have added a new gallery section in 2007, called The Street. has supplied a Dominican with a digital camera and we will be recording life on The Street, to show what goes on daily in a  barrio in the Villa Mella area of Santo Domingo. These people are poor, by any standards, but somehow manage to keep a "stiff upper lip" throughout it all, which involves, among other things, living without electrical power for an average of 16 hours a day. We will be art directing our novice amateur photographer as best we can from afar. But even these initial offerings show an eye for artistic composition.

During our time there, we had two digital cameras stolen and, initially, an old Pentax that mysteriously disappeared when taken into a shop for repair. We hope to be returning to the DR, with additional equipment, to tour the country solely for the purpose of a photo-journalistic excursion, recording more of the real people and places away from the tourist areas.

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